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2014 | Jalal Shams azaran
Pir Shaliyar Virtual Ceremony
Huraman Takht is a small village in one of the western provinces of Iran, Kurdistan. Annually, residents of this village hold a ceremony for remembrance of "Pir Shaliyar", mythology figure, who additionally is considered as a holy man and an ancient member of the village who died. It has held for a long unknown time. They hold this ceremony in the middle of winter (It is held in the 40th day of winter), early in January due to his death. Beside that they hold it in the middle of spring, it means twice in a year. His grave is shrine now for villagers and people from neighborhood. In the first week children inform the people coming of the ceremony with distribution of walnuts to every home. In the second week, at the Wednesday night before sunrise, children going up to the roof of homes, sing the traditional Kurdish songs. Shortly after sunrise cows and sheep are sacrificed. At the evening they play Daf (a kind of music instrument) and pray repeating spiritual hymns. People attending at the ceremony (Daravishe Gaderi) mainly gather together from neighbor villages in the boarder of Iran and Iraq where Huraman Takht is located. They gather in circle shape in front of Pir Shaliyar's house to begin the ceremony in the morning and afternoon. They do this for two days. They walk around hand to hand while playing Daf, citing and praising. They do untypical behavior such as nodding head over and over and being subconscious. They sacrifice sheep, cow, and goat at the ceremony. At the current of the ceremony they hand out flesh among the residents and attendances or cook watery meal to be served at the ceremony. What is seen is a unique mixture of rituals, Sama dances and traditional dressed up on strong Kurdish roots. This photo series is a selection of their daily life and ceremony over a week in winter.