They , my compatriots
In earthquake in summer of 2012 in East Azerbaijan, Varzeqan - Ahar almost 400 villages were destroyed, and many lives and property damages imposed on the people of this region. Being located in this region of the coldest winters marked them a hard one and caused psychological stress and social damage on the people of this area. Some sold their cattles and property for almost nothing and went to the nearest town to find a shelter for themselves . Some stayed, and made an scrimmage with thousands of difficulties and the freezing cold weather .
Semi-constructed houses and cold and metal shelters which were heated by an electric heater. There were people who passed the winter in tents that were given from Red Crescent. They always looked forward to the contributions that would most likely reach.
They must manage that harsh and cold winter and pass their families safe from winter to spring. They should have relied on their power and will.
They kept saying their children that God is merciful and perhaps it is wisdom that we do not know, not long is left until spring, everything will be fine, we'll have a good life in our new home.
Winter is finally finished with all rigor, Spring came, they slowly built their houses and began a new chapter in their lives .They Forgot sorrow and the pain gradually. Smiles and joy again was seen on their faces , they had spousal and young men learned how to be powerful men in hard moments and hope for a brighter future. They were hard-working people of my country.

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2014 | Jalal Shams azaran